Staying home...there's still plenty of things to do.  Here are some ideas.

  1. Binge watch your favorite TV series
  2. Catch up online
  3. Go out for a bite to eat
  4. Go out for a walk
  5. Go to a nearby lake
  6. Walk through your town
  7. Go fishing
  8. Call old friends and family to catch up
  9. Read a book
  10. Plant a garden
  11. Buy a plant
  12. Paint
  13. Draw
  14. Listen to some of your favorite music all day.
  15. Make a cocktail
  16. Go to the beach
  17. Go to a local museum
  18. Go to a Bar and Dance
  19. Go to a Yoga class
  20. Just sit and people watch 
  21. Go to the zoo
  22. Go downtown
  23. Go to the country
  24. Go to a friend's house
  25. Go for a walk in a forest preserve
  26. Go to the library
  27. Take a class online
  28. Go out for ice cream
  29. Go to a craft show
  30. Go bowling
  31. Make a favorite meal
  32. Bake
  33. Go pick apples
  34. Go to a farmstand
  35. Visit a historical museum
  36. Go to a movie
  37. Meet people for lunch or dinner
  38. Go to a hot tub
  39. Get a massage
  40. Go to a salt cave
  41. Visit a cemetery
  42. Go on a tour
  43. Go on a ghost hunt
  44. Visit an aquarium
  45. Rent a boat
  46. Visit a comedy club
  47. Go camping
  48. Go to a play
  49. Sleep most of the day
  50. Go visit a mall
  51. Go driving just to go driving
  52. Go to a high school or college play
  53. Go to Bingo
  54. Join a walking group
  55. Ride a bike
  56. Visit a candy store
  57. Get ice cream 
  58. Get a tea or coffee
  59. Work Out
  60. Volunteer
  61. Go to an Art Gallery
  62. Go thrifting
  63. Visit a pet store
  64. Knit
  65. Crochet
  66. Sew
  67. Do a craft
  68. Clean out your house
  69. Clean your car
  70. Look at old photos
  71. Go shopping
  72. Organize your clothes and jewelry
  73. Reorganize your furniture
  74. Go to a festival
  75. Go listen to some music at a bar
  76. Go to a car museum
  77. Look over a town you haven't been to lately
  78. Have a party
  79. Find a bunco club
  80. Visit a winery
  81. Go to a spa
  82. Go miniature golfing
  83. Golf
  84. Church
  85. Go to a film festival
  86. Do an ancestry study
  87. Volunteer
  88. Visit a American Legion Hall
  89. Meditate
  90. Fast
  91. Work Out
  92. Poker
  93. Play darts
  94. Do Board Games
  95. Hula Hoop
  96. Visit a car show
  97. Make a scrap book
  98. Weed and plant outside
  99. Go outside and listen to nature for a bit
  100. Blow bubbles

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