MuseumCache is the creation of author Rita Jean Moran (www.ritajeanmoran.com). Many of the places she writes about in her Library Kids book series, are not so well known museums and ancient sites. MuseumCache was created to list well known and not so well known museums, ancient sites, parks and other places to visit.

After reading Rita Jean's books, you can come to museumcache and find out about how to visit the places that were written about as well as new places to visit.  You can check the books out at http://thelibrarykids.com or for a more mature audience, my hidden human story series at http://hiddenhumanstory.com. Blogs, facebook pages, twitter, a youtube channel, and a pinterest page are included for both of the book series.

If a visit to a listed site has been made, a link to Rita Jean's blog (www.ritajeanmoran.blogspot.com)  with an article(s) on the place or site will be included.  More data will be added to each state and country, to visit.  Please be patient as we build the site.


Looking for fun things to do, places to visit, family vacation ideas, something exciting or different to do for:
Alabama  Alaska  Arizona  Arkansas  California  Colorado  Connecticut  Delaware
District Of Columbia  Florida  Georgia  Hawaii  Idaho  Illinois  Indiana  Iowa  Kansas  Kentucky
Louisiana  Maine  Maryland  Massachusetts  Michigan  Minnesota
Mississippi  Missouri  Montana  Nebraska  Nevada  New Hampshire  New Jersey
New Mexico  New York  North Carolina  North Dakota  Ohio  Oklahoma  Oregon Pennsylvania  Rhode Island
South Carolina  South Dakota  Tennessee  Texas  Utah  Vermont Virginia  Washington West Virginia  Wisconsin  Wyoming

Museumcache.com will list unusual and not so well known places to visit, as well as well known places.

Places to visit in Alabama   Places to visit in Alaska   Places to visit in Arizona   Places to visit in Arkansas
Places to visit in California   Places to visit in Colorado   Places to visit in Connecticut   Places to visit in Delaware
Places to visit in District Of Columbia   Places to visit in Florida   Places to visit in Georgia   Places to visit in Hawaii
Places to visit in Idaho   Places to visit in Illinois   Places to visit in Indiana   Places to visit in Iowa
Places to visit in Kansas   Places to visit in Kentucky
Places to visit in Louisiana   Places to visit in Maine   Places to visit in Maryland   Places to visit in Massachusetts
Places to visit in Michigan   Places to visit in Minnesota   Places to visit in Mississippi   Places to visit in Missouri
Places to visit in Montana   Places to visit in Nebraska   Places to visit in Nevada   Places to visit in New Hampshire
Places to visit in New Jersey   Places to visit in New Mexico   Places to visit in New York
Places to visit in North Carolina   Places to visit in North Dakota   Places to visit in Ohio   Places to visit in Oklahoma
Places to visit in Oregon   Places to visit in Pennsylvania   Places to visit in Rhode Island
Places to visit in South Carolina   Places to visit in South Dakota   Places to visit in Tennessee   Places to visit in Texas
Places to visit in Utah   Places to visit in Vermont   Places to visit in Virginia   Places to visit in Washington
Places to visit in West Virginia   Places to visit in Wisconsin   Places to visit in Wyoming

Museumcache is trademarked.

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